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damask and dark / nothing there sings
a sense of stillness; before the storm
november 21 edit: ... sheesh, bad fashion sense much? updated, now that it's past my sister's formal and i'm getting ideas of my own.

... any recs appreciated. ♥

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Pinstripe Dress


From H.Naoto

Embroidery Pink and White FRILL Dress

Embroidery Black and White FRILL Dress

Embroidery Blue and White FRILL Dress

Black Corset BLOOD Dress

Three Tier Ribbon Black and White FRILL Jumperskirt

... ha, H.Naoto stuff only in my wildest dreams... ♥

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lol i can kinda tell it's from way back... the links dunt work... :P but have you found out what u going to wear???

but ur mom doesnt let you wear stuff like this?? O.o is this what you mean?? lol my mom gives me weird looks all the time... but since my gothic/punk stuff was bought from my older sister, she can't complain much... but she was askin gme how much my btssb dress was.... and was shocked at the answer (n this was the cheaper one than the other) ...=.= gonna get a lashing soon when my other one come too :P... but i wil just say it's same price... XD i have learnt the factor of hiding my stuff around the house... :P n wearing it out when i need to wear it out , and then tell my mom "i got it ages ago, didnt you know?" and that will be the end of that .. :P the art of continuing my hobbies :P

Nope. Every suggestion I have gets back with a 'HELL NO.'

What you do is a good idea :D (take care when the second dress ships over) but my parents just like to stick to the 'lolita = pedophilia' and everything about Victorian or Roccoco flies over their heads.

lol... my mom just give me occasional laughs at times, but apart from that it's all good lol.. XD

but the one i referred to as formal is good enough to be formal material.

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