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damask and dark / nothing there sings
a sense of stillness; before the storm
november 21 edit: ... sheesh, bad fashion sense much? updated, now that it's past my sister's formal and i'm getting ideas of my own.

... any recs appreciated. ♥

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Pinstripe Dress


From H.Naoto

Embroidery Pink and White FRILL Dress

Embroidery Black and White FRILL Dress

Embroidery Blue and White FRILL Dress

Black Corset BLOOD Dress

Three Tier Ribbon Black and White FRILL Jumperskirt

... ha, H.Naoto stuff only in my wildest dreams... ♥

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how else am i supposed to contact you?!

happy birthday, you awesome person, all the way from vermont. there's so many fucking trees here you wouldn't believe it. and the cows. my god, the cows. and quebec tomorrow. surrounded by frenchpeople. BOOYAH!

i'll get you some crazy present or something. =D

The Personal Message/PM system, silleh. xD

Thank you~

How's America and French Canada?

sorree. and now i can't be bothered working out how to do it. quebec is SO SO COOL! tell you all about it when i get back to the land down under. =D

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