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LOKI @ LJ.COM | sail your sea; meet your storm » harbour

it's always ourselves we find in the sea

the girl that couldn't fly

'cause i am not a force to be reckoned with
and you don't have a clue what you're messing with
and you can't see through to the best of me
cause it's more than your heart can take

Layout from premade_ljs
Image from Lolita Fashion
Lyrics by Anna Nalick
Dividers from Twisted Reality
GIMP brushes from gimpbrushes and pstogimpbrushes
a capella, affogato, alice hoffman, alphabets, american gods, anansi boys, angela carter, apocalypse!fic, autumn, avatar: the last airbender, ballads, beautiful things, blackbird, blade of the immortal, books, books of memories, butterflies, calligraphy, cheesecake, chihiro onitsuka, china miéville, cooking, core of soul, corpses planted in gardens, corruption beauty, dandy, dark cabaret, dark!alice in wonderland, daydreaming, disney, dramatic ironies, dried rose petals, dried up hopes, dusty libraries, e.e. cummings is awesomeweirdmindtrippy, eclipses, electric violin is win, emilie autumn, emo bracelets are awesome, end of the world, endings withouts ends, endless beginnings, everafter, f.i.r., fairytales, fanfiction, fascination in the uncanny, favole, folk rock, folk-pop = guilty pleasure, gather your heart up, gender-confusion from strangers, gothic aristocrat, gothic lolita, h.naoto, hades and persephone, half-crazy nicknames, handmade hearts, horror literature, hunchback of notre dame, imaginary things, ink and calligraphy, ink and parchment, isabel allende, ivory keys, jan siegal, jeffery deaver, jodi picoult, knights in shining armour, kodona, labyrinths and mazes, lace, lackadaisy, leather dresses, literature, lolita fashion, magic realism, magic realism is win, melancholy daydreams, my hand in yours, my hate for you, my pain your thrill, names starting with colours, neil gaiman, neverwhere, not a love song, not sleeping damn it!, nutella, observation not analysation, obsessive lolita!website browsing, old vinyl records, overly heavy chain-link bracelets, pablo neruda, pan's labyrinth, penumbra, pocketwatches, pocky, poems to be enjoyed, poetic justice, pomeranians, prose, prospero's children, punk lolita, putumayo, quotes, red-and-black corset bracelets, ribbons, rie fu, romance, ruffles, rurutia, sex curing lethal snakebites, spiky goth bracelets, steampunk, studio ego sparrows!, suppurate system, symbolism, tamara's gender-confusion club!, tea-fixation, the pied piper, the wasteland, treasured moments, ts eliot, umbra, underground sunshine, unfinished things, unfulfilled, vienna teng, writing, writing without limits, your dreams, your hand in mine,